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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ South Carolina Department of Revenue
Alcohol Beverage Licensing
PO Box 125
Columbia, SC 29214-0907

Phone: 803-898-5864

Report alcohol-related violations:
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Food & Special Events​

The SCDOR requires special licensing​ for the following groups:

  • Food Manufacturers - Businesses who will need to procure alcohol to manufacture food products containing alcohol (manufacturers​ and retailers)
  • Individuals, Businesses, and Nonprofits​ hosting special events in which​ alcohol will be sold, donated, served, and/or consumed

The information below will show you ​how to stay ​ABL compliant if you fall into one of the groups above.

Food manufacturers​

If your business manufactures food products containing alcohol, the SCDOR requires you to have the following licenses depending on your operations:

  • If you are making and selling food products to retail customers, you will need a Food Manufacturer license (PFM)​.
  • If you are making and selling baked goods in bulk at wholesale, and not to retail customers, which requires you to have a large supply of liquor to manufacture your products, you will need the Special Bakery license (PBL).
  • If you are an establishment that does not have a Liquor by the Drink license, and only uses alcohol to cook foods, you will need a Liquors Cooking license (PAL)​.​​


​​Special events hosted by individuals, businesses, or nonprofits

​​​​​​​​Are you ​catering and bartending alcohol at ​events?
To avoid violations as a caterer or bartender, learn​ the ABL Rules and Regulations for Catering & Bartending in South Carolina ​to ensure you are legally providing alcohol at events.

​​​Read our latest article to see how you can avoid common application mistakes​​ that could delay your special event license being approved before the big day.​

Only nonprofit organizations can have liquor at special events. No other entity types may have liquor at a special event. ​

​You can apply for a Special Event license on MyDOR​WAY. The person or entity who is receiving the profits or proceeds from the special event should be the one to apply for a Special Event license - even if those profits are only ​donations or entry fees.​

  • Beer & Wine Special Event (TBP) licenses are for individuals, business entities, or nonprofits selling beer and wine at an event for a specific cost per drink, included in an entry fee, or included in a food and beverage fee that has not been donated to their organization.

  • Liquor Special Event (TLP) ​licenses are for nonprofits selling liquor at an event for a specific cost per drink, included in an entry fee, or included in a food and beverage fee that has not been donated to their organization.​

  • ​​Special (Donated) Nonprofit Ev​ent (TNL) licenses are required for nonprofits holding an event where the alcohol or some portion of the alcohol is donated by a licensed supplier or wholesaler, and there is a specific cost to purchase alcohol per drink, or the alcohol is included in an entry fee or a food and beverage fee. This license covers beer, wine, and liquor.​​​ The Special Nonprofit Event License cannot be issued for a period exceeding 72 consecutive hours.


ABL business operations​

Our Operating an ABL Business​ page has ​​more information on ​Sunday sales (in authorized counties and​ municipalities), hours of operation, required signage, legal ages for serving, and more.​

Nee​​d m​ore ​help​​​?​

​Our FREE ABL Workshops are virtual and cover​ licensing basics, including applications and renewals, special events, and compliance laws.​ ​See class dates ​and register now >​​​
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