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Payment Plan Agreements

Who can ​request a Payment Plan Agreement?
An individual, organization, or business may request a Payment Plan Agreement ​if they do not have an active levy or garnishment with the SCDOR. Your request will be reviewed for approval or denial.

Who does not qualify for a Payment Plan Agreement?  
​You must have received a notice from the SCDOR to request a Payment Plan Agreement. If you have not received a notice, you can instead make a payment on MyDORWAY.​

 We also recommend researching your options:
A loan with your bank o​r another financial institution may offer lower interest rates and may allow you to pay more timely to avoid additional penalties and interest. The rate of interest is established by the SCDOR in the same manner and at the same time as the underpayment rate provided in Internal Revenue Code Sections 6621(a)(2) and 6622.

​Nee​​d mo​​re h​elp​​​?

​​​​​​Email questions to or send a message from your M​yDORWAY account​.​