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South Carolina Department of Revenue
Alcohol Beverage Licensing
Columbia, SC 29214-0907

Phone: 803-898-5864
Fax: 803-896-0110​

Report alcohol-related violations:
Form NameForm Number
Notice of Application ABL-10
Beer, Wine, and Liquor Protest Form ABL-20
Application for Business Local Option Permit ABL-29
Application for Food Service​ Establishment Beer and Wine Permit ABL-30
Approved Newspapers for ABL Legal Advertisements ABL-32
Affidavit for Nonprofit Private Club Renewal and Application ABL-62
Package for Producer of Alcoholic Liquor (Combined Form) ABL-107
Application for Registration of Brands/Wholesalers of Alcoholic Liquors ABL-107A
Application for Deceased Licensee and/or Permitee ABL-501
Alcoholic Beverage Licensing Renewal Form ABL-565
Computer Request Form ABL-566
Beer and Wine Producers Authorization of Wholesalers and Brands ABL-569
Out of State Wine Shippers License ABL-571
Application to be Approved as the Newspaper Most Likely To Give Notice To Interested Citizens in a Specific City or County ABL-576
Application for Special Event Beer, Wine, and /or Liquor ABL-900
Application Package for Retail Beer, Wine and Liquor and Instructions ABL-901
Application for In-State Brewery, Winery, Liquor Manufacturer, Beer/Wine and/or Liquor Wholesaler ABL-902
Application for Food Manufacturer's License ABL-903
Application for Special Bakery License ABL-904
Alcohol Beverage Licensing Keg Registration Form ABL-907
Alcohol Beverage Licensing Request for Receipt of Keg Identification Tags ABL-908
Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) Supplemental Information Form ABL-919
Verification of Lawful Presence in the United States - Applicant and Principals ABL-920
Application for Liquor Producer Warehouse License ABL-921
Failure to File Affirmation and Acknowledgement Form ABL-934
Consent and Waiver Form ABL-946
Consent and Waiver Revocation ABL-946R
Affidavit Waiving Distance Requirement ABL-956
Purchase of Alcoholic Liquor Affidavit ABL-957
Non-Profit Club Affidavit ABL-958
Package for Beer and Wine Producer ABL-500 & ABL-569