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   What is MyDORWAY?

MyDORWAY is the SCDOR's 24/7, online service to register your business, file tax returns, make payments, calculate penalties and interest, and view related correspondence. MyDORWAY has replaced eSales, ePay, and eWithholding, and more taxes will be added to MyDORWAY each year!

   Why use MyDORWAY?

Get it right the first time
  • Reduce errors with MyDORWAY's automatic calculations
  • Never submit an incomplete return
Manage your SC tax accounts with ease
  • File and pay separately
  • Plan ahead by scheduling payments
  • Manage all of your SC tax accounts from one login
Stay organized and save time
  • View electronic copies of notices, letters, and other SCDOR correspondence
  • Review your return and payment history
Have peace of mind
  • Receive a confirmation number when the SCDOR receives your return and/or payment 
  • Feel confident in the security measures keeping your tax information safe

   New features

   Ready to sign up?

Visit MyDORWAY to sign up! Need help? View our tutorials to get started.


If you previously made payments on ePay for Coin Operated Devices, Motor Fuel, Motor Carrier, Carlines, Airlines, Forest Renewal Fee, or Indigent (Hospital Tax), please pay by check mailed to the address on your tax bill. We apologize for any inconvenience.

   Available on MyDORWAY

Tax Types
​Admissions Tax

​Alcohol Beverage Licensing

​Aviation Jet Fuel Tax

​Bank Tax

​Beer Importer Tax

​Beer Wholesalers Tax

​Brewpub Tax

​Business Personal Property Tax

​Casual or Use Excise Tax

​Corporate Tax (C-Corporation, S-Corporation, HOA, Non Profit)

​Dry Cleaning Facility Fee

​Dry Cleaning Facility Surcharge

​Electric Cooperative Tax

​Eleemosynary Tax

​Fiduciary Tax

​Individual Income Tax
​Liquor by the Drink Tax

​Liquor Wholesaler Tax

​Out of State Wine Shipper Tax

​Partnership Tax

​PSC Utility Assessment

​Public Utility Tax

​Rental Surcharge

​Sales and Use

​Sales - Local Taxes (Local Option Tax, Capital Projects Tax, Catawba Tribal Tax, School District/Education Capital Improvement Tax, Tourism Development Tax)

​Sales - Accommodations Tax

​Sales - Maximum Tax

​Savings and Loan Association Tax

​Solid Waste Excise Tax

​Solvent Surcharge

​Tobacco & Cigarette Tax

​Wine Importer Tax

​Wine Wholesaler Tax

​Wireless 911 Surcharge

​Withholding Tax

​900-976 Telephone Service Tax