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Requesting a Penalty Waiver

Penalty waiver requests are not guaranteed and will only be approved if all needed information is included, the request reason is valid, and as determined by our agency.

Request a penalty waiver in MyDORWAY

MyDORWAY is the fastest and most secure way to request a penalty waiver. 

  1. Log in to MyDORWAY
  2. On the Accounts tab, scroll to the account that needs a penalty waiver
  3. Select More Account Options
  4. Select Request a Penalty Waiver

Request a penalty waiver by paper

  1. Complete and submit a Penalty Waiver Request (C-530) form.
  2. If you were requesting penalty waivers for multiple tax types, you will need to complete a separate C-530 for each tax type, and mail each form in a separate envelope.