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Setoff Debt & GEAR Contact:

Phone: 803-898-5755


Setoff Debt & GEAR​

Working towards a debt free South Carolina

Unpaid liabilities can make it difficult for organizations and governmental entities to budget and fund essential public services. These liabilities can harm citizens who are paying their fair share and threatens the integrity of an agency’s funding system. We are committed to the fair administration of debt collection and to protecting compliant citizens, which is why we offer the following services to organizations and governmental entities:

  • Includes collection of outstanding liabilities through the garnishment of state individual income tax refunds
  • Debt limitation: $25 and above
  • Cost to claimant: $0
  • Cost to debtor: $25 (SCDOR administrative fee)
  • August 31: Participation application due
  • December 1: Debtor information due
  • Submit additional debtors throughout the year
  • More flexible and comprehensive debt collection service that includes garnishment of wages and state individual income tax refunds, use of tax liens, and levy of bank accounts
  • Allows debtors to set up payment plans
  • Debt limitation: $50 and above
  • Cost to claimant: 22% of the liability collected*
  • Cost to debtor: $25 (SCDOR administrative fee)
  • Apply to participate in GEAR anytime
  • *22% rate effective as of July 1, 2015

View and download the Setoff Debt and GEAR flyer >


Organizations and governmental entities including:

  • State agencies, boards, committees or commissions
  • Public and private* institutions of higher learning
  • Housing authorities
  • Political subdivisions
  • Other governmental or quasi-governmental entity of any US state

*for the purpose of debt collection related to default on authorized educational loans


  • The public is familiar with our collection process
  • Quick turn around on debt collections
  • Participating entities receive monthly payments