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​​ Compliance

We are committed to maximizing compliance through the fair administration of tax laws.

Request a Payment Plan Agreement

  • Businesses (for South Carolina business tax debt):
    • You can contact the SCDOR office near you to request a Payment Plan Agreement for business taxes.
    • OR To request a Payment Plan Agreement by paper, print and mail a completed FS-102 and FS-102B, a non-refundable $45 application fee, and a 10% minimum down payment to the SCDOR. Your request will be reviewed for approval or denial.
    • All returns must be filed up to date when the Payment Plan Agreement is established if you are an open retail business.
    • Visit for more information.

  • Individuals (for South Carolina Individual Income Tax and GEAR debt):
    • Request a Payment Plan Agreement online hereA payment will be drafted immediately when your agreement is submitted online.
    • Requests submitted by mail without banking information require a non-refundable $45 application fee and a minimum 10% down payment.
    • Visit for more information.

Wage Levy

  • A levy against the wages of an individual for assessments and/or tax liens due the SCDOR
  • 25% of the gross wages are withheld for state tax and outside agency assessment, such as past due hospital bill or state ethics commission penalty
  • Call the number on the Notice of Levy on Wages for additional information

Levy on Intangibles

  • A levy against the bank accounts and certain investment accounts of an individual or entity with assessments and/or tax liens due the SCDOR
  • A levy against currently held contract payments and future payments to an individual or entity that has assessments and/or tax liens due the SCDOR
  • All amounts up to the total amount due the SCDOR should be remitted
  • Call the number on the Notice of Levy on Intangibles for additional information

Notice of Tax Lien

  • A tax lien is a lien in favor of the SCDOR on all property and rights to property, real or personal, tangible or intangible, belonging to the person in debt
  • A tax lien is effective from the date of assessment of the tax
  • A tax lien will negatively impact a person’s credit rating
  • The SCDOR does not report tax liens to the credit bureaus
  • Tax liens are filed with the Clerks of Court/Register of Deeds as required by law, and thus become public record
  • Call the number on the Notice of Tax Lien for additional information

Information on Final Notices Before Revocation of Licenses

  • Business license holders served with a Final Notice have 90 days to respond to the issuing Revenue Officer
  • This is the last opportunity to make arrangements to file and pay all that is due before the license(s) are revoked
  • Service of this notice does not stop collection enforcement actions

Information on Orders of Revocation

  • Once served, the entity or sole proprietor must stop operating business
  • Continuing to operate the business may result in arrest and being brought before a judge for trial
  • Civil penalties of $500 per day for each day of operation can be assessed

You May Be Contacted:

  • By Mail
  • By Email
  • By Phone
  • In-person visits may be made


​Contact Collections

General Questions: 1-844-898-8542
Income Tax Levy Questions: 803-898-5611
GEAR Levy Questions: 803-898-5403

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