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South Carolina Department of Revenue
Motor Fuel
PO Box 125
Columbia, SC 29214-0845 

Phone: 803-896-1990

Form NameForm Number
Motor Fuel EDI Developer ApplicationD-154
Motor Fuel EDI Registration ApplicationD-155
Information Return for Refund Gasoline Used in Farm OperationsL-303
Application for Farm Gasoline Fee RefundL-304
Application for Motor Fuel User Fee Refund on Diesel Fuel Used in Non-Highway Equipment and InstructionsL-325
State Motor Fuel User Fee BondL-2080
Application for Refund or User Fee Paid on Motor Fuel (Diesel, Gasoline, LP) Used in Trucking Equipment as Authorized by Section 12-28-710 (A)(7) and InstructionsL-2087
Motor Fuel Terminal Operator Monthly Return (L-2099 and L-2100)L-2098
Schedule 15-A Terminal Operator Schedule of ReceiptsL-2099
Schedule 15-B Terminal Operator Schedule of DisbursementL-2100
Motor Fuel Terminal Operator Annual Return and InstructionsL-2101
Supplier Schedule of State Diversion Corrections and InstructionsL-2102
Supplier Schedule of Terminal Rack Removals and InstructionsL-2103
Bonded Importer Schedule of DisbursementL-2104
Motor Fuel Bonded Importers Monthly Return and Instructions (L-2104 and L-2106)L-2105
Bonded Importer Schedule of ReceiptsL-2106
Motor Fuel Occasional Importers Monthly Return and Instructions (L-2108 and L-2116)L-2107
Occasional Importer Schedule of ReceiptsL-2108
Diversion / Payment Voucher and InstructionsL-2109
Motor Fuel Tankwagon Importers Monthly Return and Instructions (L-2111 and L-2120)L-2110
Tankwagon Importer Schedule of ReceiptsL-2111
Exporters Monthly Return and Instructions (L-2113)L-2112
Exporter Schedule of Exports to the State of /Schedule Type 7-AL-2113
Fuel Vendors Annual Return and InstructionsL-2114
Fuel Blender Return and InstructionsL-2115
Occasional Importer Schedule of DisbursementsL-2116
Tare Allowance Refund Application (L-2118)L-2117
Eligible Purchaser Schedule of Motor Fuel Purchases and InstructionsL-2118
Motor Fuel Suppliers Monthly User Fee and Fee Calculation and Instructions (L-2102, L-2103 and L-2122)L-2119
Tankwagon Importer Schedule of DisbursementsL-2120
Supplier Schedule of User Fee-Paid ReceiptsL-2122
Miscellaneous Motor Fuel Monthly Return and InstructionsL-2123
Amended Motor Fuel Calculation Page and InstructionsL-2129
Motor Fuel Schedule of Amendments and InstructionsL-2130
Motor Fuel Refund Gasoline Used for Aviation Purposes and InstructionsL-2131
Motor Fuel Refund Application and InstructionsL-2133
Motor Fuel Refund RegistrationL-2140
Supplier 10 Day NotificationL-2170
Motor Fuel Transporter Monthly ReturnL-2176
Motor Fuel Manufacturer License Application Biodiesel/Substitute FuelsL-2191
Motor Fuel Manufacturers Monthly ReturnL-2195
Biodiesel and Gasohol Incentive Payment ApplicationL-3019
Import Payment VoucherL-3022