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  • The FTC is seeing increased reports of scams related to COVID-19 and recommends you follow these five tips to avoid scams:
    1. Ignore offers for vaccinations and home testing kits
    2. Hang up on robocalls
    3. Watch out for phishing emails and text messages
    4. Research before you donate
    5. Stay in the know — Go to for more info
  • The Internal Revenue Service, state tax agencies and the tax industry urge all employers to educate their payroll personnel about a Form W-2 phishing scam that made victims of hundreds of organizations and thousands of employees last year.
    • Fraudsters pose as authority figures and request copies of Forms W-2 for employees.
    • Learn more about the scam and what to do if you are a victim in the IRS news release.
  • New from the SCDOR: Identity Verification Quiz and Individual Code Verification. The SCDOR has implemented new security measures to ensure that fraudsters are not using your information to file a false return and steal your refund. You may receive a letter from the SCDOR asking you to visit MyDORWAY to complete one of these verifications after filing your return. This is just another step we are taking to keep your information private.



were reported in South Carolina in 2018.1 


of data breaches involved phishing or the use of stolen credentials in 2018.2 


of consumers agree companies must be proactive about data protection.5 


of Americans say their personal information is less secure than it was five years ago.6 

$20.19 million

lost by South Carolinians to Internet scams in 2019.3 


of government impersonation scams in 2019.3 


of online crimes in South Carolina in 2019.3 


South Carolina had the tenth-highest rate of fraud complaints in the country 2019.4 

60+ year-olds

are the most vulnerable to internet crimes, with 68,013 complaints in 2019.3 


of identity theft cases reported to SCDCA in 2018 were tax-related.1 


related to fraud and identity theft filed by South Carolinians in 2019.4 


South Carolina had the eigth-highest rate of identity theft complaints in the country 2019.4 


of identity theft reported in 2019.3 


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