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​​​​​​​2024 Withholding tables are now available
As a result of last year’s update, less taxes were withheld from paychecks in 2023, which could result in a reduced refund this coming tax season. Learn more >​​​

2024 Withholding Tax Tables

 2024 SC Withholding Tables
 2024 SC Withholding Tax Formula

2023 Withholding Tax Tables​

 2023 SC Withholding Tables
 2023 SC Withholding Tax Formula 

​ ​
Taxpayers who withhold $15,000 or more per quarter, or who make 24 or more withholding payments in a year, must file and pay electronically on MyDORWAY​.

Account Closing Form (C-278): The SCDOR no longer accepts paper copies of the Account Closing Form. If you need to close your Business Tax account, you have two options: 
  • Log in to MyDORWAY​, then select the More tab, and click Close a Tax Account to get started.
  • ​ Indicate your account closure on your final tax return by selecting Close Withholding Account and provide the date of last payroll​, or something similar.​​

Form Name
Form Number
Form NameInstructions and Specifications for Filing Forms W2 Form NumberRS-1
​South Carolina Employee’s Withhold​ing Allowance Certificate - 2024
SC W-4​
Form NameSouth Carolina Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate - 2023
Form NumberSC W-4
South Carolina Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate - 2022
SC W-4
Form NameNonresident Beneficiary - Affidavit and Agreement Income Tax Withholding
Form NumberI-41
Form NameSC Withholding Tax Information Guide Form NumberWH-105
Form NameCertificate of Tax Compliance Request Form Form NumberC-268
Form NameNonresident Real Estate Withholding Form NumberI-290
Form NameSeller's Affidavit - Nonresident Seller
Form NumberI-295
Form NameNonresident Shareholder or Partner Affidavit and Agreement Income Tax Withholding Form NumberI-309
Form NameNonresident Taxpayer Registration Affidavit Income Tax Withholding Form NumberI-312
Form NameBatch Filing Program for Withholding Quarterly Tax Returns Form NumberWH-405
Form NameRequest for Penalty Waiver Form NumberC-530
Form NameSC Withholding Tax Payment Form NumberWH-1601
Form NameSC Withholding Quarterly Tax Return Form NumberWH-1605
Form NameSC Withholding Fourth Quarter and Annual Reconciliation Return
Form NumberWH-1606
Form NameTransmittal Form for W-2s or 1099s Submitted by CD-ROM or Paper Form NumberWH-1612
​Application for Batch Withholding
​Transmittal Document for Batch Withholding
Form NamePort Cargo Volume Increase Credit on Withholding Form NumberWH-1670
​Agribusiness Credit Against Employee Withholding 
Form NameChange of Address for Businesses
Form NumberSC8822B