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Phone: 803-896-1715

 The Perks of Batch Withholding:

  • Easiest way to comply with the electronic mandate for tax preparers (100+ returns per year)
  • Safe, secure, and available 24/7
  • Email confirmation when your file is accepted
  • Email notification of file errors
  • Reduced processing time
  • Submit one file for multiple clients or  accounts, with both original and amended returns in the same file
  • Prevent lost or misfiled returns
  • Fillable forms for registration and document submission

The Batch Withholding Program 

If you file 10 or more South Carolina Withholding returns in a quarter, consider using our Batch Withholding Program to quickly and easily file online. In one file, you can report the information normally submitted on the SC Withholding Quarterly Tax Return (WH-1605) or SC Withholding Fourth Quarter/Annual Reconciliation Tax Return (WH-1606) for multiple clients.

If you are a tax preparer who files more than 100 returns per year and are required to file electronically, our Batch Withholding Program is a great option for you.

You must apply before you can use this option. Review the page below for more information on applying as a Batch Filer.

 Batch Withholding Forms:

  • WH-405 Batch Withholding Program Guide

  • WH-1614 Application for Batch Withholding 

  • WH-1615 Transmittal Document for Batch Withholding  

 Return Due Dates

Due Date
1st (Jan-Feb-Mar)due by April 30
2nd (Apr-May-Jun)due by July 31
3rd (Jul-Aug-Sep)due by October 31
4th (Oct-Nov-Dec)/Annualdue by January 31

Frequently Asked Questions: