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 Due to Intuit electing to no longer participate in the IRS Free File Program, SC Fillable Forms is no longer available. Visit Intuit for more details.

SC Fillable Forms does not store your information from previous tax years. Previous logins no longer provide access to the program.

If you do not qualify for free filing using one of the Free File products listed, you can use South Carolina Fillable Forms to file your South Carolina return. South Carolina Fillable Forms is a FREE product and is only for filing your South Carolina return.

South Carolina Fillable Forms provides the option to fill out your return online and mail it to the SCDOR OR to submit your return the SCDOR electronically. This product is for most simple SC1040 filings and does not support the Schedule NR or all lines on the SC1040. 

Lines on the SC1040 not supported by South Carolina Fillable Forms are:

  • Line 7 - Tax on Lump Sum Distribution (SC4972)
  • Line 8 - Tax on Active Trade or Business (I-335)
  • Line 13 - Other non-refundable credits (SC1040TC)
  • Line 22 - Other refundable credits ( I-333 or I-334)
  • Line 33 - Penalty for Underpayment of Estimated Tax (SC2210)

If you need any of the forms listed above to successfully and accurately file your South Carolina return, please go to FedState Online Filing for a list of filing products that support electronic filing for federal AND South Carolina returns. Products listed on the FedState Online Filing page are NOT free services.

South Carolina Fillable Forms Overview:

  • When you click the SC Fillable Forms link, you will be prompted to create a user ID and password.
  • South Carolina Fillable Forms will only accurately file your return if you provide complete and accurate information AND follow the directions provided by the software.
  • Fillable Forms will perform math calculations if you click the "Do the Math" button, but offers limited edits on the data you submit.
  • You may want to work out your South Carolina return on paper BEFORE accessing South Carolina Fillable Forms so you will already have all of your W2s and other necessary forms together.
  • Line 1 of the SC1040 requires you to enter your federal taxable income. You will need your completed federal return to provide that information.
  • You can mail your completed form to the SCDOR OR submit the return electronically using this product. If you choose to submit your return electronically, you will be prompted to provide W2 and/or 1099 information. DO NOT mail your return to the SCDOR if you already submitted electronically, as it could delay your refund. If you choose to print and mail your return DO NOT make any marks on the paper return other than signing the return in the appropriate space.

Helpful Tips (Please read to make sure your return isn't rejected!):

  • To get the "EFILE NOW" button to activate on the "STEP 2: EFILE YOUR TAX FORMS" screen, make sure you click on the "DONE WITH THIS FORM" button on that screen.
  • The software will properly calculate your return if you leave the lines blank and click on "DO THE MATH." Please enter data only in lines where there is actual data to provide.
  • If you do not have any federal taxable income to report on line 1 of the SC1040, you should enter '0'.
  • If you choose to receive your refund by direct deposit, you MUST select either "Checking" or "Savings" for the account type. If you do not select Checking or Savings, the return will be REJECTED.

South Carolina Fillable Forms is offered by a third party software provider.

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