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​2D Barcode for Individual Income Tax

In the 2D Barcode paper filing method, you or your tax preparer completes your return using compatible software. The software produces a paper return that includes a barcode, which captures the information from the return and is scanned by the SCDOR when we process the return.

All tax preparation software that support South Carolina Individual Income Tax returns are able to produce a paper return for you to file. Most of these same providers also support 2D Barcode and electronic filing. We recommend electronic filing, but if you choose to paper file, 2D Barcode is the best paper filing option.

Information from a 2D Barcode return is captured from a machine-readable barcode rather than being manually entered. The barcode is only visible after your return has been printed. Only the information received from the barcode is processed, not any hand-written changes made to your return. If you see an error or omission to your printed information, use the software to make any changes to your return and re-print a new 2D Barcode return that will reflect the changes in the barcode.

 Individual Income Tax forms

 You can also manually fill out and mail in your completed Individual Income Tax return (SC1040) and any supplemental forms.   

      Individual Income Tax Packet


      More IIT forms

 For more information on South Carolina Individual Income Tax, filing tips, and mailing addresses, visit our IIT page