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​​​South Carolina Department of Revenue 
Bingo Licensing and Enforcement
PO Box 125
Columbia, SC 29214-0945

Phone: 803-898-5393
Fax: 803-896-0130

Returning Bingo Paper and Request a Refund:

Forms FS-92 and FS-92c

  • All paper returns must be accompanied by a Bingo Card Refund Request Form FS-92C (for bingos with a “C” license) or Form FS-92 (for all other bingos). No paper will be accepted without the completed appropriate form.
  • All paper must be returned to the South Carolina Department of Revenue Warehouse facility, located at 1942 Laurel Street, Columbia, SC 29214.
  • All paper returns must be scheduled in advance with warehouse personnel. Please call the SCDOR Warehouse to schedule paper returns at 803-898-9132.
  • No refunds will be issued until:
    1. SCDOR employees have been able to verify the amount and value of the paper being returned
    2. This information is forwarded to and processed by the Bingo Licensing and Enforcement Section
Note: The SCDOR encourages you to allow time to verify the amount and value of the paper being returned by SCDOR employees. If you choose not to do so and there are discrepancies in the amount and value of the returned paper counted by SCDOR employees and what is reported on the FS-92 or FS-92C, the SCDOR’s count will be final.

Any paper being returned that does not comply with the instructions stated above will be refused.