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 The 2021 Sales Tax Holiday has ended. Check back here next summer to prepare for SC Sales Tax Free Weekend in 2022!

Sales Tax Holiday: Retailer Toolkit

We are encouraging shoppers to buy local, both online and in stores, during the 2021 Tax Free Weekend. If you're a retailer who sells eligible items, don't miss this opportunity to promote your shop! We've filled this page with promotional tips and content and FAQs just for you. 

Share the savings: Social media promotions

You know the importance of communicating with your customers, so we've gathered a few resources to help you promote the Sales Tax Holiday. In addition to your own posts using #SCTaxFree, you can post reminders and special deals on our Facebook event. Check out the graphics and messages below, and feel free to use them on social media or your website. 


Click the image or the download link to save the file.

+ Have your own graphics and photos? Add our Tax Free Weekend logo! white | blue


Press and hold the left mouse button and then drag the mouse from left to right to highlight the text you want to use. To copy the highlighted text, right-click the highlighted text and click Copy or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+C. Then use Ctrl+V or right-click and select Paste to paste the text where you want to use it.

#1 – General audiences

Join us August 6-8 for South Carolina’s Sales Tax Holiday! For three days, your purchases of school-year essentials are TAX FREE!

Ready to prepare your #SCtaxfree Weekend shopping list? Check out a full list of tax-free items at

#2 – General audiences

Join us August 6-8 for SC's annual Sales Tax Holiday! School supplies, computers & printers, clothing & accessories, and certain bed & bath items are exempt from Sales Tax online and at retailers statewide.

See a full list of #SCtaxfree items at

#3 – Online shopping

You can still take part in South Carolina's Sales Tax Holiday without joining us in store. From August 6-8, exempt items purchased at [INSERT YOUR WEBSITE HERE] are still tax-free!

Make your shopping list now! Check out to learn more.

#4 – For clothing retailers

South Carolina's Sales Tax Holiday is a great opportunity to upgrade your wardrobe. Join us August 6-8 as most clothing, footwear, and accessories are exempt from State and Local Sales Tax!

See a full list of tax-free items are

#5 – For retailers who sell bed/bath supplies

Stock up on dorm room essentials before the school year begins! Join us August 6-8 for South Carolina's Sales Tax Holiday. Tax-free items include bed sheets, comforters, pillows, shower curtains, and towels.

Check out for a full list of tax-free items.

#6 – Insert your own items

Our store is ready for South Carolina’s Sales Tax Holiday! Join us August 6-8 as a variety of items are TAX FREE, including:

  • [ITEM 1]
  • [ITEM 2]
  • [ITEM 3] 

Check out the full list of #SCtaxfree items at

#7 – Online shopping

Don’t feel like leaving the house for #SCtaxfree Weekend? No problem! 

Online purchases of tax-free items are still exempt from Sales Tax from August 6-8, including purchases at [your website].
Check out the full list of #SCtaxfree items at

#8 – Specials

Our shop can’t wait for #SCtaxfree Weekend, set for August 6-8, 2021. Check out our Sales Tax Holiday specials, available in-store and at [your website]. 

Head to to see the full list of tax-free items.

#9 – Insert unique, store-specific items

South Carolina’s Sales Tax Holiday is a great time to save on more than just school supplies. Did you know that [ITEM 1], [ITEM 2], and [ITEM 3] are also tax-free from August 6-8! 

That’s right! So visit us in store or head to [your website]. 

Check our for the full list of tax-free items.

Share the savings: In-store promotions

For your in-store shoppers, print out one of our 8.5x11 signs to hang on your door or in your store to remind customers to come back during Tax Free Weekend.

Download signs:

Retailer FAQs

Find more FAQs at and in Revenue Ruling 19-4

What is exempt?

Broadly, exempt items include: clothing and accessories; footwear; school supplies used for school assignments; computers, software, and printers; certain bed and bath supplies. Check out the lists on and in Revenue Ruling 19-4 for examples of exempt and non-exempt items.

What if I have an online store?

Online sales are exempt from Sales Tax as long as the item is eligible for exemption and the sale occurs during the holiday.

If delivery of a purchase is made after the holiday ends, eligible items are still exempt from Sales Tax as long as the item is ordered, paid for, and accepted by the retailer during the weekend for immediate shipment.

Delivery charges associated with an eligible item are also exempt from Sales Tax during the holiday.

How do I report sales for the holiday?

  • Filing Online: Log in to your MyDORWAY account. When filing your August Sales Tax return, you will enter the amount of exempt sales made during the Sales Tax Holiday as a deduction on the State Sales and Use Tax Worksheet. For the deduction type, select “Sales Tax Holiday exempt sales.”
  • Filing by Paper: Report your total sales exempt during the Sales Tax Holiday on page 2, Item 4a of Form ST-3.
Remember, the Sales Tax Holiday deduction code is only allowed on your August Sales Tax return.

Do I have to participate?

Yes. All retailers who sell eligible items participate in the Sales Tax Holiday and may not collect Sales Tax from customers on eligible purchases. This includes online sales made by out-of-state retailers and marketplace facilitators.

How are returns and exchanges handled during the holiday?

If a customer purchases an item during the holiday and exchanges it for the same item after August 8, no additional tax will be charged. However, if a customer returns an item and receives credit for a new purchase, the newly purchased item will be subject to Sales and Use Tax.

If a customer purchases an item before August 6 and returns or exchanges it during the holiday, no additional tax will be due if the exchanged or purchased item is also eligible.

How does the holiday apply to rain checks and layaway items?

An eligible item must be purchased during the holiday to be exempt. If a customer buys an eligible item during the weekend using a rain check issued before the holiday, that item will be exempt. However, if the customer is issued a rain check during the holiday, the purchase is not exempt if it is made after August 8.

Items placed on layaway are not exempt.

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