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​​​​Failure to pay your bill by the April 18 deadline may incur interest and penalties

SCDOR Tax Tips 

​​What you nee​d to know:

  • If you owe money after filing your Individual Income Tax return, the SCDOR recommends paying online using MyDORWAY, the SCDOR’s free online tax portal. It’s faster and safer than sending a paper check.

  • You can also choose to draft your payment from your checking or savings account when you file your return.

  • To pay by paper check, mail the check to the address on the form.

Last year, the South Carolina Department of Revenue (SCDOR) received more than 274,000 payments from Individual Income Tax customers, who paid a total of $912 million.

If you owe money after filing your Individual Income Tax return this year, try to pay what you owe when you file. The SCDOR recommends making your payment electronically using MyDORWAY, our free online tax portal.

If you file for an extension in 2023 on your Individual Income Tax return, remember that the extension is for filing your return, not paying what you owe. Failure to pay your bill by the April 18 deadline may incur interest and penalties.


If you are making a payment, here are your options:

  • The SCDOR recommends using MyDORWAY – It's faster and safer than mailing a paper check. You can skip the trip to the post office and avoid your check getting lost in the mail.
    • To make your payment on MyDORWAY, click Make a Payment on the homepage, then select Individual Income Tax Payment. After entering your SSN or ITIN, choose Return Payment to pay what you owe, or Extension Payment if you're also requesting an extension to file. If you're making a payment on your 2022 return, choose 31-Dec-2022 as your filing period.
    • On MyDORWAY, you can pay using a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover), or your checking or savings account.
    • You have until 5 pm on the date of your payment to cancel an ACH payment made on MyDORWAY.
  • You can draft your payment from your bank account, which is also a better option than mailing a paper check.
    • If you submit an electronic payment, your tax preparation software should have this payment option.
    • If you submit a payment with your paper-filed return, don't forget to enter your withdrawal date and withdrawal amount on line 36 of SC 1040.
  • If you are filing a paper return, have a balance due, and choose to pay by paper check, mail the check to: Taxable Processing Center, PO Box 101105, Columbia, SC, 29211-0105. Please note:
    • The SCDOR only accepts checks drawn from a United States bank.
    • Your check may be converted to a debit (ACH) transaction, which will process your payment faster from your bank account, and your payment will show as an electronic payment on your bank statement (you will not see a scanned image of your check).
    • For Estimated Tax payments (SC1040ES), Extension payments (SC4868), or Voucher payments (SC1040V), send your check to: South Carolina Department of Revenue, IIT Voucher, PO Box 100123, Columbia, SC 29202.

If you are making an estimated payment:

  • You can make a quarterly estimated tax payment without creating an account by clicking Make a Payment on the MyDORWAY homepage, then choosing Individual Income Tax Payment. After entering your name and SSN, choose Estimated Payment on the next screen.
  • If making an estimated payment for tax year 2023, choose 31-Dec-2023 as your Filing Period.
  • Taxpayers who make quarterly estimated payments are encouraged to sign up for a MyDORWAY account and log in before making their payments. Get started by visiting​gov/m​ydorway-signup.​

The SCDOR urges customers to be cautious of third-party online bill payment websites when attempting to pay their SCDOR bills online. Third-party sites, such as DOXO, are not affiliated with the SCDOR, and we cannot accept responsibility for transactions made through these sites. Also, third-party sites may charge additional fees, and the SCDOR cannot control when payments made through third-party sites will be received. Customers will be responsible for missed or late payments.

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