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​​​​​​​​​​​​​ South Carolina Department of Revenue
Taxpayer Education

P.O. Box 125
Columbia, SC 29214-0540

Phone: 803-898-5800​
Email: ​​

Taxpayer Education video tutorials

 The 2023​​ Legislative Updates tutorial covers changes made in the 2023​ Legislative Session.

 The Accommodations Tax: The Basics tutorial explains the requirements for businesses or individuals renting/leasing accommodations (hotel, motel, condominium, vacation home, etc.) for 90 days or less.

 This Business Filing tutorial highlights 10 common mistakes made when filing Sales and Withholding Taxes.

 The Cigarette Tax Stamps tutorial covers the basics of reporting and purchasing Cigarette Tax Stamps, and provides an overview of other legislative changes effective as of January 2019. 

 This series of Corporate Tax tutorials explains basic filing, payment, and administrative requirements and covers more advanced topics geared toward tax preparers. ​ ​
 Take our Phishing Quiz to learn how to spot a phishing email and stay cyber secure.

 Out-of-state retailers: Watch the Remote Sellers tutorial for information on how to be compliant in South Carolina.

 The Sales & Use Tax: The Basics tutorial explains the filing and administrative requirements for Sales and Use Tax filers in South Carolina.

 The Sales & Use Tax for Automobile Dealers tutorial covers the tax and fee requirements for various vehicle sales.

 View the South Carolina Treatment of Nonprofit Corporations, Tax-Exempt Entities, and Charitable Organizations tutorial to learn about registration and tax requirements for these entities.

 The Wine Importer/Producer tutorial covers filing requirements and walks you through how to complete and file the L-BW-I-4.

 This series of Withholding Tax tutorials covers the basics of Withholding Tax, payments and returns, W2s, and additional information such as handling inactive accounts and closing accounts. 

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