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South Carolina Department of Revenue
Business Personal Property
Columbia, SC 29214-0301

BPP Taxes 
Phone: 803-898-5222 
Fax: 803-898-5484 

BPP MyDORWAY Registration
Phone: 803-898-7700

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​Filing for Multiple Locations: Instructions for Downloading and Uploading a Consolidated Return File

To file a Business Personal Property Tax Return for multiple business locations, consider the following two methods available using MyDORWAY.

METHOD 1: Enter Filings Online (recommended for five or fewer business locations):
  • This option allows you to enter your information for each location through MyDORWAY. Log in to MyDORWAY, select your BPP account, and click File Return to get started.

METHOD 2: Download and Upload a Consolidated Return File (recommended for six or more business locations):
  • This option allows you to provide information for each location using one file. You will download a template from MyDORWAY, enter the return information, and upload the completed file.

To file using a download/upload file, you'll need:
  • Microsoft Excel or a similar program that allows opening, editing, and saving .xlsx files  
  • A MyDORWAY account (owner or tax account manager access)
  • To disable pop-up blocking in your web browser, go to your internet settings and add MyDORWAY to your “trusted website” list to see pop-ups.

Step 1: Accessing and downloading the Consolidated Return Template

  1. Login to MyDORWAY
  2. Find your BPP account
  3. Click File Return for the period you intend to file
  4. Select Download and Upload a File 
  5. Click Download Return
  6. Open and save the Consolidated Return Template in an easily-accessible location on your computer
  7. Click Save Draft

Step 2: Input your business location information into the Consolidated Return Template

  • The template is preformatted with column headings. Be sure to enter your information in the correct spot. 
  • Rows and contain description information and should not be edited or deleted.  

Owner Data – Optional – Row 2 ​
Record Type
Must be "Owner"
Filing tax year
Federal Employer Identification Number or Social Security Number
Taxpayer IDSCDOR Taxpayer Identification Number (SID)
Business owner's first and last name
AddressBusiness owner's mailing street address
Business owner's name
CityBusiness owner's mailing address city
StateBusiness owner's mailing address state
ZipBusiness owner's mailing address postal code
TelephoneBusiness owner's phone number
Account Closing MonthBusiness's accounting closing month

Business Location/Account Data – Required – Rows 5 and higher ​
Record TypeAlphanumeric7Must be "Account"
Location IDNumeric9 Optional
ReferenceNumeric9SCDOR Account/File Number
Business NameAlphanumeric40Location "doing business as" name
AddressAlphanumeric30Location physical address
No PO Boxes
​Unit Type​
​​​Apartment, Building, Floor, Suite, Room, Department, etc.
​Unit number or unit letter of secondary address​
Alphanumeric18City of physical address
StateAlphanumeric2State of physical address. Must be SC
ZipAlphanumeric9Postal code of physical address
CountyAlphanumeric12County of location physical address
Open DateNumeric6MMDDYY format
Closed Date
Only required to close an account or location
MMDDYY format
Lease IDAlphanumeric15Provided by leasing company
SIC CodeNumeric4 Optional
Acquisition CostNumeric9

Original acquisition cost
Must be in whole numbers


Income Tax depreciation
Must be in whole numbers

Net ValueNumeric9

Net depreciation value 
Must be in whole numbers

​Step 3: Uploading your completed file to MyDORWAY

  1. Login to MyDORWAY >
  2. Select View Returns and Periods on your BPP account
  3. Click View Submission to access the draft return you saved earlier and select Continue Editing at the top of the screen
     If you didn't select Save Draft when you downloaded your template, select File Return for the period you want to file, and complete the Choose Filing Method and Download Return steps
  4. On the Upload Return screen, click the Upload Return button
  5. If there are any errors in your file, they will be listed. Correct any errors and then click Next
  6. Review the information on the Summary page, and click Submit to finalize your return