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See how MyDORWAY is helping businesses

Silver Oak Advisors

"The MyDORWAY electronic filing system has provided taxpayers a much more efficient, accurate method of filing Property Tax returns, and I highly encourage any taxpayers who are still filing manually [by paper form] to try MyDORWAY during the next filing season.” 

Taxpayer Consultant, Silver Oak Advisors

BMW (logo)

"The MyDORWAY website is a great tool. The site and the support staff made filing our FILO [Fee in Lieu of] return a positive experience on several levels. The site was easy to navigate, making the return process extremely efficient. The easy access to all of my company’s historical return information is a great feature that makes utilizing the critical data simple and the entire return process effortless. The support team at SCDOR was tremendous. As I navigated through the website, they responded promptly to help me correct any issues I was experiencing and answered all questions regarding the system.

I am looking forward to using MyDORWAY for our future return filings. Well done, SCDOR; you created an efficient and effective online filing experience."

Tax Lead, BMW of North America, LLC

ZF Transmissions Gray Court (logo)

“I submitted ZF’s 2021 Property Tax filing through MyDORWAY for the first time this year and was very pleased with how easy it was to use, and how quickly I was able to complete the forms and submit the filing. I particularly liked the “auto-fill” feature where the prior year reported values automatically populate, and I just have to update these values if disposals occurred in the new filing year. I also like the feature where you can save your work and come back later and complete the filing. Filing electronically is so much easier than printing and mailing the forms — and there is less risk of making mistakes. I’m very pleased that SCDOR is offering this time-saving alternative to paper filing and I look forward to using it each year!” 

Sr. Investment Accountant, ZF Transmissions Gray Court, LLC