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 DO NOT USE our Individual Income Tax refund status line (803-898-5300) for $50 rebate information. That phone line will not provide accurate information for your $50 rebate. 


Earlier this year, South Carolina lawmakers determined $61 million of the tax dollars generated by the 2018 Mega Millions winner would be used to fund $50 tax rebate checks for qualifying taxpayers. The SCDOR issued these checks by the December 2 deadline established by the legislature. If you have questions about the rebate or have not received a check, please review the information below.

Who qualifies?

In order to qualify for the rebate: 
  • You must have filed your 2018 South Carolina Individual Income Tax Return by October 15, 2019.
  • You must have a 2018 South Carolina tax liability of at least $50 after credits. 
Married couples who filed a joint 2018 South Carolina Individual Income Tax Return will receive one $50 rebate check.

 Taxpayers who don’t live in South Carolina, but who filed a 2018 South Carolina Individual Income Tax Return are also eligible, as long as they meet the qualifications listed above.

Why haven't I received a check?

Eligible South Carolina taxpayers were issued paper checks by mail, regardless of how they may have received their 2018 refund. 
  • If you have not received a check, you may not be eligible. Review the eligibility requirements above.
  • If you meet the eligibility requirements, see I think my rebate check is lost in the mail, stolen, or destroyed. What should I do? in the FAQs below.

How do I identify my rebate check?

Rebates were mailed in a standard white envelope with an SCDOR return address and your name and address visible in the window.
  • The check says "SC Tax Rebate" on the memo line.
  • The check is for exactly $50.
  • Information about the rebate is included on the page that the check is printed on.

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