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​​​​​​​Remember - MyDORWAY account holders can easily access copies of past returns filed on MyDORWAY!
Learn more about accessing your past returns ​in our latest article.​​
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​​Online services for businesses

​South Carolina offers several options for filing and paying your taxes online. Filing electronically is the fastest and easiest way to complete your return, plus:

      Automatic calculations reduce the chance of errors; 
      Systematic checkpoints ensure your return is complete before submission; and 
      We receive your return sooner, which means we can start processing it faster.

Select a tax category below ​to see electronic file and pay options​:

 Pay with a credit card on MyDORWAY​

Pay any time on MyDORWAY​ using a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover).

 If you are paying with a paper check, you should know ...
  • ​The SCDOR only accepts paper checks drawn from a United States bank.
  • ​​Paper checks may be converted to a debit (ACH) transaction which will process payments faster, and the payment will show as an electronic payment on bank statements (scanned check images will not show on bank statements).​​​
Have a question about MyDORWAY?
Our MyDORWAY Help page can show you how to create an account, file, pay, and manage your taxes on our free, online tax portal.

 See our program guides for more information about using other online services described on this page.

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