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​​​South Carolina Department of Revenue
Bingo Licensing and Enforcement

PO Box 125
Columbia, SC 29214-0945

Phone: 803-898-5393
Fax: 803-896-0130

​​​​​​​​Did you receive an L-3023 Bingo Paper Purchase Notice in the mail?
As of November 21, 2022, you must purchase Bingo paper and make Bingo Tax account payments on MyDORWAY
Check out these videos to see how to get started: 

Operating Bingo in South Carolina

South Carolina allows​​ nonprofit organizations, licensed by the SCDOR, to legally operate bingo games to generate funds to support their charitable activities within the state. The nonprofit organizations may contract with a licensed promoter to manage, operate, or conduct a game. This page answers many questions for a nonprofit who is either new or has previous experience with operating and managing bingo sessions.

Do you need a promoter?

Which class of Bingo License ​do you need? Do you al​so need a Retail License?

Manufacturers and distributors: bingo cards & bingo card tax

Nonprofits: bingo checking accounts, filing requirements, and monthly distributions

​​Game Play​: entrance fees, required equipment, and rules

Bingo laws (Bingo Tax Act) and policy guidance​


Filing, Payments, & Licensing

Securely submit the RD-9 return, violation payments, appeals, and your Bingo License renewal online with MyDORWAY, our free tax portal!


Bingo Paper Tax & Bingo Paper Orders

The JCENT Bingo Server Software is no longer available.
As of November 21, you must purchase Bingo paper and make Bingo Tax account payments on My​DORWAY​. 

Start with our MyDORWAY Help page to learn more about MyDORWAY, including how to si​gn up​ if you do not have a MyDORWAY account:
  • ​Bingo Promoters should select Tax Account Manager access
  • Bingo Organizations should select Owner access

 Due Dates

Quarterly Reports are due by the last day of the month following the close of the calendar quarter.
​First  (Jan, Feb, Mar)
​by April 30
Second  (Apr, May, Jun)
​by July 31
Third  (Jul, Aug, Sep)
​by October 31
​Fourth  (Oct, Nov, Dec)
​by January 31​

Bingo Paper Tax is due within 15 days of the Bingo Voucher being approved by SCDOR.

Promoter, Manufacturer, and Distributor Licenses are valid for one year. A renewal application is due to SCDOR prior to the end date printed on the license.