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The South Carolina Department of Revenue (SCDOR) reminds taxpayers who filed for an extension that their Individual Income Tax returns are due October 15. Here are some tips and reminders for those who requested a filing extension.

Tips for extension filers:

  • The extension is for filing your return, not for payment. If you have not yet made a payment, you may owe additional interest/penalties.
  • File electronically. It's faster, more secure, and more accurate.
  • Review available tax credits that may apply to you.
  • File on time. You may face a penalty if you file after October 15.
  • Keep a copy of your tax return for your records.

Making a payment?

  • Securely pay from a smartphone or computer using MyDORWAY, our free online tax system, at
  • Need a payment plan? Qualified taxpayers can request one at

Getting a refund? Go direct!

While there are different refund options, the best refund option is direct deposit. It's your fastest and safest choice. If a tax preparer files for you, make sure to tell them you choose direct deposit! All you need to do is provide your bank account information.

Refund method
Direct deposit
  • Deposited directly into your bank account, giving you the fastest access to your refund
  • Most accurate and secure option
Debit cards
  • Spend it like cash anywhere that accepts Visa
  • Can be delayed in the mail
Paper check
  • Takes the longest and is the most expensive to process because they have to be printed, sorted, and mailed
  • You have to cash or deposit the check after you get it in the mail

Serving in the military?

  • Those in a combat zone have 180 days after leaving the combat zone to file their state and federal Income Tax returns. They also can wait until they are out of the combat zone to pay.
  • When filing by paper or online, military members should indicate that they served in a military combat zone and name the zone.

Need to amend your return?

  • If you already filed your South Carolina Individual Income Tax return and realize you need to fix an error, amend your return electronically — a new option available through many tax software providers. Filing electronically using a reputable vendor is your safest and fastest filing option.
  • To amend your South Carolina Individual Income Tax return by paper, file a new 2019 SC1040, and check the Amended Return box. Complete the return as it should have been filed, including all schedules and attachments, plus an Amended Return Schedule (Sch. AMD).
  • The IRS is now accepting 2019 federal amended returns electronically. Learn more.

Available tax relief

Taxpayers in certain counties impacted by tornados and floods in April also have until October 15 to file. Learn more.

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